Who We Are

Hearing Care Clinic is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing personalized and thorough hearing care. Our superior service and knowledgeable staff are here to make your experience easy and comfortable.

Who we are group photoEvery company has a story, and ours begins with our family over 35 years ago when Nancy and Dieter Tiede opened their first hearing clinic in 1985. After several successful years, they took some time off to travel.

Carson Tiede has joined his parents and siblings in the family business, by opening a Hearing Care Clinic in Mill Bay, Victoria, and Chemainus, British Columbia. Carson Tiede is registered with College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (CSHHPBC).

As a family business with multiple locations and many family members involved, we are unique. Each member of our Hearing Care Clinic family is devoted to the business and is dedicated to providing the level of service and care that our clients deserve.

We are also proud of the dedication and commitment of our Hearing Care Clinic support staff. Our office staff plays an important role in delivering a high standard of care and service both in our front office and behind the scenes. They are all well trained and experienced and can help with minor troubleshooting, cleanings and maintenance, and are committed to making your visit as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Carson TiedeEach client who comes in to Hearing Care Clinic is different; each with unique lifestyles, challenges and differences in hearing loss. Finding the right solution requires taking the time with each client; to understand their needs and challenges so that we can find right hearing aid technology to suit their needs and lifestyle. Our family and staff believe that positive results for each individual can only be achieved by taking the time to listen, understand and work with each person. Improved hearing has the ability to improve your overall lifestyle, and it is our goal to achieve positive results for each person who comes through our doors.

With multiple locations, we also have the advantage of having great relationships with hearing aid manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to have access to all of the latest hearing aid technologies. At Hearing Care Clinic, you will get the service and care that you would expect, and that you deserve, from a small family business with the benefit of competitive pricing and manufacturer support that you might expect from a chain.

No other hearing aid clinic, large or small, can offer the same level of personalized service, expertise, and complete range of the latest technologies and products than our team at Hearing Care Clinic. We can help you return to the conversations, relationships and lives that hearing loss has removed you from. Whether you already wear a hearing aid, or you are coming in for your first screening test, our staff is here for you. Always.