What to Expect

If it is your first visit to a hearing specialist, it is normal to feel unsure about what to expect. Our staff and hearing specialists are a caring team that is ready to help you, and explain every step of the process. As a family owned and operated business, we offer personalized care and a unique experience.

First Steps

At your first visit you will be welcomed into our comfortable offices. You can expect the first appointment to take about an hour, and we encourage you to bring a close friend or family member with you. We will begin by asking you to complete a short medical questionnaire so we can gain a full picture of your hearing health and the struggles that you are facing.

Hearing Evaluations

Next, the hearing specialist will visually examine your ears and explain the procedure of how we perform a series of ear examinations and screening tests. You will then go into our sound tight booth and will be presented with pure tone and bone testing. The results of these tests along with your history and description of symptoms gives us a sense of how you hear and if hearing aids could work for you.


ConsultationOnce the hearing evaluation is complete, you will sit with your hearing specialist who will take the time to explain your results. If you have hearing loss, the hearing specialist will explain the type of hearing loss that you have, and possible causes of it. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have at anytime during this process. Based on all of this information and discussion, the hearing specialist will then make recommendations for a hearing aid solution that is best for you.

Hearing Solutions

If hearing aids are a solution, you will spend some time with the specialist looking at your options, including style of hearing aid, price range and the differences between hearing aid technologies. We will then take time to ensure we are getting the right technology and fit for your lifestyle and needs. If a mold of your ear canal is necessary, this will be done on your first appointment, and will only take a few minutes, and it is completely painless!

Follow Up

You will return for a second appointment for a fitting and programming of your hearing aid, and we recommend a third follow up appointment to ensure that the hearing aid is working at its best for you!