Victoria Hearing Loss Clinic

The Hearing Care Clinic is the most trusted Victoria hearing loss clinic today. With our state-of-the-art technology and best practices in audiology, we help our patients live well with hearing loss every day. Our hearing loss experts provide a number of practical solutions like customized hearing aids and earplugs that can both restore and prevent hearing loss. If you are interested in exploring cost-effective methods to solve your hearing loss problems, then call and schedule an appointment today with the Hearing Care Clinic.

Everyone Loses Their Hearing at Some Point

Hearing loss is one of those things that happens to everybody if they live long enough. However, a person doesn’t have to be old to lose their hearing. Many of our patients are in their twenties or earlier when hearing loss begins. Further, hearing loss can be spurred on by a number of causes, including excessive exposure to loud noises, untreated ear infections, and even genetics. Many people are born with hearing loss or are born completely or mostly deaf.

What is Hearing Loss and How Can it Affect a Person’s Life?

Hearing loss at its most simple explanation is a phenomenon that affects a person’s ability to hear sound. Really, it does much more than that. Hearing loss can isolate a person from their friends and family. Indeed, many of our hearing loss patients come into our Victoria hearing loss clinic battling depression because they can’t participate in conversations and social settings that are important to them. Many people will stop going out with their friends because they can no longer hear.

Think about it; hearing loss takes away a person’s ability to hear music, hear the television, and enjoy so many of the everyday things that we all usually take for granted. Beyond losing the ability to hear sound, hearing loss can cause a person’s speech to deteriorate as well because the person can no longer hear themselves speak once the hearing loss gets to a certain point. For this reason, our audiologists work with some of the best speech therapists in Victoria, and we can refer our patients for further care when needed.

What to Expect at Our Hearing Loss Clinic

When you come to our Victoria hearing loss clinic, we’ll conduct some basic tests, including hearing loss tests, to see if you are suffering from hearing loss, to which degree your hearing loss has progressed, and what the best solution might be for you. With your input, we’ll help you find an option that meets your needs and your hearing goals.

Part of what we do for our valued patients is to consider the full impact of hearing loss, not only on the person but on their family members as well. Our Victoria hearing loss clinic has a comprehensive program, including audiologic evaluation, a complete discussion of results, and our recommendations. We work with devices, such as hearing aids, assistive technology, and cochlear implants. We can refer to our patients to other specialists when additional care is needed.