The Gift of Hearing

Carson Tiede has become acutely aware over the past 3 years of yet another distressing effect that those with limited, or no, financial resources suffer here on Vancouver Island.

This issue is not limited to one geographical area.

CarsonCarson is a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner. He has clinics in View Royal, Mill Bay and Chemainus which are what many consider the paradise zone of living: and yet Carson sees in the daily course of business the huge disparity that exists between the ‘have’ and the ‘have not’s’.

The most visible sign to us in our daily lives, is the homeless plague that so many suffer under.

No one plans to be homeless.

Equally, no one plans to face the day struggle of life without any disposable/discretionary income.

Thousands of Islanders face the impossible choice of spending their limited incomes on shelter, food or medical needs.

This situation has now become personal to Carson and he has developed a very simple scheme to assist some those in need.

He wants to assist some people who do not have the means to purchase hearing aids through his The Gift of Hearing program.

The concept centres around the fact that there must be hundreds of hearing aids in the community that are no longer being used.

There are various reasons that there unused hearing aids in the community. The two most obvious ones are when people upgrade their existing device, but retain the old one, and when unfortunately, family member or friends pass away.

Carson would like people to donate those hearing aids that are no longer in use to the program so that they could be serviced and given free to Islanders that need them, but cannot afford them.

The Gift of Hearing program allows you to partake in an act of kindness that combines the best principles of recycling and donation.

Your donation will restore the precious Gift of Hearing to someone in need.

To learn more about this program please contact