A new lease on life. I don’t need to strain anymore or wonder what I have missed. The service was excellent, the personnel delightful!
— D. Trautman, BC
Excellent service!
— J. Payne, BC
First class!
— C. Rowland, BC
I have found the service excellent. The staff are patient and made sure I was confident with the hearing aids.
— C. Tocher, BC
I appreciate the care given by Carson Tiede and feel confident as a result.
— I. Wright, BC.
These new hearing aids have made a world of difference to my hearing.
— H. Chow, BC
An absolute huge improvement. I can hear sounds that I didn’t know existed or more likely had forgotten. Highly recommend the hearing clinic and Carson.
— T. Tames, BC
So accommodating! Sound so clear. Easy to wear! Very inconspicuous!
— C. Witherspoon, BC
I’m so happy to be able to enjoy things I missed out on for a long time.
— A. Harris, BC
I have been delighted with the personal attention, comfort, and technological expertise and results of my visit to this clinic. I would recommend (and have recommended) the system and care of Carson Tiede.
— A. Wilson, BC
Very happy with Mr. Tiede’s clarity of explaination and patience with my ability at the age of 91 years. Outdoor use, TV use, and family/restaurant hearing have greatly improved.
— E. Batchelor, BC
I have been very impressed with the quality of service, professionalism, and expertise at this clinic. I am also thrilled that I was fitted with new hearing aids within 24 hours.
— J. Grimwood, BC
The hearing aids provide much needed help for daily life. I feel relaxed and younger after wearing them.
— S. Yang, BC
Close to home. Friendly. Knowledgeable.
— L. Davidson, BC
100% satisfied with service and hearing aids.
— B. Mullin, BC
From the very first conversation with Timera and the testing and hearing aid setup by Carson, it has been an excellent experience!! And I can hear again!!
— D. Grant, BC
Very good relationship with Mr. Tiede and his assistants. Quick service and informative. Will continue to recommend his services to my friends.
— J. Edmonds, BC
The hearing device has been very satisfactory and has given me the flex I need to manage my hearing loss.
— J. Ellis, BC
Excellent experience. Excellent patient/client relationship.
— R. Ofield, BC
Service has been excellent - very satisfied. Would highly recommend.
— I. Hammocks, BC
Excellent service and product knowledge. Very satisfied.
— W. Veretonik, BC