Having hearing aids has improved my hearing immensely. I am no longer asking people to repeat what they say. Such a huge relief. I should not have waited so long to get them!
— Valerie Clunis
After 45 years of not hearing, I am ecstatic. I would recommend this service to anyone.
— Gerald Morgan

In 2003, I underwent surgery to remove a growth in my left ear. The end result lead to total loss of hearing in that ear. It was suggested that a hearing aid for my right ear would be beneficial since the hearing in my right ear was not good because of the constant noise I endured while farming. Since 2003, I have had three aids for my right ear, none of which gave the results I had hoped for. With my ear doctor retiring, I wanted to find a service closer to home. I stopped in at Hearing Care Clinic to see if they could look after my hearing problem. I had a hearing test with the results loaded into the hearing aids they sold. I wasn’t expecting the outcome I got. Much to my amazement, I could hear better than I could’ve ever imagined. There was no need for adjustment, I could hear better than I could with any of my previous aids. I could hear sounds that I had almost forgotten, like running water, and the sound of the birds. I would highly recommend that anyone who suffers from hearing loss, stop in at a Hearing Care Clinic and see if they can improve your hearing and quality of life. You might be as amazed as I was.
— Robert Stewart

Since I received my hearing aid last November, I have not misheard conversations. It is much more pleasant to understand what is being said!
— Jane Coux
Betty came to the Hearing Care Clinic about 8 months ago and has been treated with excellent service! Her new hearing aid has done wonders for her. We would like to thank everybody here for it. Thank you again!
— Betty & Jim Gaudio