Screening Tests

Each person is different, and each person experiences different hearing loss and hearing loss symptoms. At Hearing Care Clinic, you will receive our complete hearing evaluation including an ear examination and a complimentary screening test.

The first step involves the hearing specialist using a tiny camera to look inside your ear canal. This is a painless process, and allows the specialist to see the condition of your ear canal. The video can be displayed on a large screen right in our office in order to show you what we see. If there is earwax or any other visible blockage that could be affecting your ability to hear, we will be able to identify it, and show it to you!

The second step of our screening test process is to perform our complete hearing evaluation, using pure tone and word testing. Wearing headphones and sitting in our sound booth, you will be presented with a series of sounds and words. You will simply respond to the beeps or repeat the words back to us. The test results of these tests should correlate with each other and will indicate what type of hearing loss you are experiencing. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, and is completely painless.

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Hearing test image
Second hearing test image