Hearing Test Victoria BC

If you are thinking about getting hearing aids or another hearing loss solution, the first step is to schedule a hearing test in Victoria BC. The Hearing Care Clinic is a modern, state-of-the-art hearing loss clinic that can provide you with a comprehensive hearing test.
One of the hearing tests that we conduct at the Hearing Care Clinic is called tympanometry.

One of Our More Common Hearing Tests in Victoria BC

Tympanometry is a test that we often use to evaluate the function of the middle ear. This is the part of the ear that sits directly behind the eardrum. What we are evaluating during this test is the impedance of the eardrum or the ability of the eardrum to allow sound to pass through.

The way these tests works is that you’ll put a pair of headphones on, and the patient will hear a bit of a buzzing sound and experience a pressure change. It’s not uncomfortable for the patient, and the patient doesn’t have to do anything for this test. We’ll attach a headset over your head and onto your ears.

The hardware that we use for this test generates a graph on the screen. It tells us how flexible the eardrum is, and it also tells us what the pressure is behind the eardrum in the middle ear. The pressure behind the eardrum ideally should be the same as the atmospheric pressure, so we are looking for any abnormalities with this test.

Evaluating the Eustachian Tube for Proper Function

In the middle ear, you have something that is called a eustachian tube that’s connected from the middle ear to the back of your throat. When swallowing, in a normal system, this tube should open and close to serve sort of like a pressure equalization tube. Its function is to open and close so that the pressure inside of the middle ear stays the same as the pressure on the other side of the eardrum, which is the pressure in the atmosphere.

We Have a Lot of Hearing Tests Depending on the Patients Needs

We also have several other tests we may conduct following the initial assessment of a patient. After each test is complete, we’ll review the results with our patient. We explain the meaning of the test results in a way they can easily understand. We tell them what it means for their hearing, and we inform them of any and all options including their pros and cons. We let them know about any products we have that might benefit them, and we can also refer them to other experts.

Schedule an Appointment for a Hearing Test in Victoria BC

Again, the first step in finding a solution to your hearing loss problem is scheduling an appoint for a hearing test. We need to know what (if any) hearing loss you have, how severe it is, and what the cause of it likely is beore we can recommend a solution to you.