Hearing Care Clinic Victoria BC

Welcome to the leading hearing care clinic in Victoria BC, where we specialize in the hearing rehabilitation and hearing loss prevention of patients of all ages. Because we have many years of experience in helping our neighbors hear better, you can rely on the Hearing Care Clinic and our state-of-the-art technology to provide a solution to your hearing loss problem.

At the Hearing Care Clinic, we have patients between the ages of two-weeks-old to 100-years-old. With several audiologists on staff, our team we are committed to providing the highest level of hearing care for all ages. From hearing assessments to wax removal to tinnitus consultations to hearing aid evaluations and fittings; we do it all here at the Hearing Care Clinic!

You Can Trust the Care of Our Ear Specialists

Our professional approach to hearing loss prevention and restoration will guide you through understanding your hearing loss problem to taking action to better the quality of your life. The Hearing Care Clinic is where you’ll find professional hearing loss experts who are among the highest regulated hearing health care professionals in Canada.

Hearing Aids, Earplugs, and More!

The Hearing Care Clinic in Victoria BC offers a variety of hearing care products to suit the needs of all of our patients. From TD Ears to Bluetooth devices to basic hearing aids and earplugs; we have great products for both preventative and restorative hearing needs.

At the Hearing Care Clinic, we offer different kinds of hearing aids, including an invisible hearing aid that sits inside of the ear with all of its electronic components inside of a single small shell. These hearing aids can be worn for months at a time through all of your daily activities, including showers, exercising, and sleeping. Book an appointment today for a hearing loss assessment and find out if hearing aids are right for you.

Not Sure if You Have a Hearing Loss Problem?

If you are unsure or think you may have a hearing loss, give us a call and speak with an ear care specialist who will ask you some questions to determine the likelihood and severity of the hearing loss you may be experiencing. When you come in for your first appointment, we’ll conduct a comprehensive hearing test to determine the kind and the scope of your hearing loss and then work with you to craft a solution that meets your needs and goals.

Please be prepared to disclose your full medical history, including any ear operations. Also, in addressing a hearing loss problem, it helps us to create a solution for you if we know what’s causing it. For example, lots of rock and roll concerts in your younger days, working around heavy equipment each day, and so forth.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

We look forward to greeting you and welcoming you to our clinic. Our state-of-the-art hearing care clinic is located in Vicotria BC and can easily be found on Google Maps. Trust us to provide excellent care in a professional environment.