Hearing Aid Service

Hearing aids are complex, technologically advanced pieces of equipment that require some regular service for optimal performance.

Any hearing aid purchased from Hearing Care Clinic will receive regular service and cleaning for the life of the hearing aid as part of our commitment to you. If your hearing aids are not loud enough, are too loud, or if you are bothered by any other noises like feedback or buzzing, bring your hearing aid in to our office, and our specialist will either fix it or return it to the manufacturer for service on your behalf. Many repairs can be done by one of our specialists, onsite, for no charge! We will even send a reminder to bring your hearing aids in for an annual check up.

Already wearing a hearing aide?

If you didn’t purchase your hearing aid from us, we invite you to come in for a complimentary assessment and hearing aid clean and check. We will even include a promotional package of batteries on your first visit! Talk to us about our ongoing service plans.