Veterans Affairs Canada

Hearing Care Clinic accepts VAC Health Identification Cards. If you served in the military, you may be eligible to receive benefits for your hearing loss and/or tinnitus through VAC.

To apply, phone Veterans Affairs Canada (1-866-522-2122) and inform them that you would like to start a Hearing Loss Claim and/or a Tinnitus Claim. You will be mailed the application forms, including a questionnaire for yourself and a letter for your hearing specialist. We will provide the reports and supporting documents for your application. If approved, VAC will cover your hearing aids, batteries, and repair costs for life.

Workers Compensation

Hearing Care Clinic is part of the Workers Compensation Provider Network. If you have been exposed to occupational noise, you may be eligible for hearing aid coverage through the provincial Workers Compensation Board where the exposure occurred. We have worked directly with WorkSafe BC, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) Ontario, and WCB Alberta.

If your screening test reveals a hearing loss that meets the minimum criteria, we will provide you with the necessary application forms to begin your claim and submit them on your behalf. If approved, WCB will usually cover your hearing aids, batteries, and repair costs for life.

Extended Benefit Plans

Some Extend Benefit Plans cover hearing aids and audiology services. Before your appointment, phone your benefits provider to ask what coverage you have. Ask them if the quoted amount is coverage per ear or coverage in total. Take note of any specific requirements or limitations they may have.

Hearing Care Clinic will provide you with the necessary receipts and documents to submit for reimbursement from your benefits provider. We are specifically registered with Green Shield Canada for direct billing.

Non-insured Health Benefits

Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program provides hearing aids for eligible First Nations and Inuit clients who are not covered through other social programs, private insurance plans, or provincial/territorial health insurance.

Hearing Care Clinic is a registered provider of NIHB MS&E Services. If your hearing loss can benefit from the use of hearing aids, we will prepare and submit the appropriate forms and documents to apply for a hearing aid claim on your behalf.

Inter Tribal Health Authority (BC)

Inter Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) exists to support its Member First Nations by enhancing the quality of life and well-being of their people and families through community development, professional consultation, and health services.

If your test results show a loss that requires hearing aids, we will submit a hearing aid application on your behalf.

Disability Benefits

If you are receiving provincial disability support, you may be able to apply for financial assistance for medical supplies such as hearing aids.

Hearing Care Clinic is happy to assist eligible clients apply for hearing aid benefits through their local ministry programs like the Ministry of Social Development.