Fitting and Programming

A Properly Fitted and Programmed Hearing Aid Makes All the Difference

A properly fitting hearing aid should be as comfortable and discrete as possible. It should also sound great. After the hearing aid selection process, your hearing specialist will then begin the fitting and programming process. Since modern hearing aids all use digital technology and are now computer programmed to meet your individual needs, your hearing aid will be programmed just for you. We use the results of your screening test combined with your individual preferences to program your hearing aid.

Child on man's shoulderHearing can be very subjective, and can vary from person to person. Even if you have the same type of hearing loss as someone else, you may prefer to have your hearing aid programmed differently. As a family owned and operated business, we are truly invested in helping each individual hear the way that they prefer.

Some people prefer to hear as much detail as possible, while some people prefer a gentler listening experience. Imagine hearing the crispiness of the leaves as they rustle on the sidewalk, or the rustle of each of the pages of your book turning – some might like hearing these details, while others may find these sounds too sharp.

Programmable hearing aids allow us to control how you hear those sounds, by adjusting them to suit your preferences. These adjustments are quick to make and are included in your service plan. Our goal is to make your experience of wearing hearing aids as enjoyable and positive as possible.

We also welcome you back anytime you feel that there has been a change in how well you are hearing so that we can evaluate your hearing aid and make any changes necessary.