Custom earplugs can be worn in multiple environments, for many reasons. Sound filtering and sound blocking can protect your ear and prevent hearing loss. Swimming, loud recreational activities or noisy work environments each have their own special requirements.  Hearing Care Clinic can provide a custom earplug to protect your ears and your hearing, for any situation.


Swim Earplugs

Keeping water out of the ear canals can help prevent infection. Custom swim ear plugs block water from entering the ear canal. They are made of a soft foam, are comfortable to wear, and are suitable for children.  You can choose from a variety of bright colours, and they float!

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Noise Blocking Earplugs

There are many activities, both recreational and professional, that produce loud environments that can have a long-term impact on your hearing. Construction sites, farms, factories, motorsports, snowmobiling and more, can expose your ears to loud noise for long periods of time. Protecting your hearing with noise block earplugs can protect your hearing in the long-term by reducing the noise around you while still allowing you to communicate.

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Musician Earplugs

Musicians can be exposed to loud sounds for long periods of time, which can be quite damaging. Ear protection that doesn’t ruin the sound of the music is key to a musician being able to hear and perform in the long-term. Custom musician earplugs contain filters that are selected based on your specific performance setting. A variety of filters are available and can be switched out as needed.

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Sleep Earplugs

Getting undisturbed sleep is important for all facets of life. If you sleep in a noisy environment, whether it is a snoring partner or noise coming from outside, custom earplugs can provide a comfortable and quiet solution that will allow you to get uninterrupted sleep. Soft and comfortable, custom sleep earplugs will allow you to get the rest you need.

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Pilot's Earplugs

Sitting in a cockpit for many hours at a time, pilots are exposed to consistent high and low frequency noises that can be damaging to the ears and hearing. Custom pilot earplugs provide a comfortable fit that will still feel comfortable after hours of wearing and are durable enough to last many years with proper care.

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