Custom Ear Plugs Victoria BC

The Hearing Care Clinic is in the business of providing the highest quality of hearing protection for hunters, shooters, and law enforcement agencies, as well as individuals who value their hearing. We offer several kinds of custom earplugs in Victoria BC, including:

  • Noise-blocking earplugs
  • Swim earplugs
  • Musician earplugs
  • Sleep earplugs
  • Commear PTT surveillance kit

We Make Exceptional Custom Earplugs in Victoria BC

At the Hearing Care Clinic in Victoria BC, we make custom earplugs that are designed to fit perfectly into your unique ear canal with digital amplification and sound suppression for those who choose it. When we design our custom earplugs, there are three things in particular that we pay close attention to:

  1. Performance
  2. Quality (reliability)
  3. Comfort

Commear PTT Surveillance Kit

Our Commear PTT Surveillance Kit ear plugs are made for the highest degree of performance, and the highest degree of performance available on the market today is exactly what you’ll get! With the advanced filtering, the 35 decibels of gain, the broadband frequency response, and the sound-suppression circuitry, you can make sure that you hear the sounds you want to hear and suppress the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Whether you’re in a busy urban tactical environment or sitting in your tree stand waiting for that waver gobbler; the amplification is going to allow you to hear the things that you need to hear and block out those sounds that aren’t important to you. 

All of Our Custom Earplugs are Designed for Maximum Comfort

The comfort comes from the small size of our custom earplugs. As mentioned, our custom earplugs are designed to fit your specific ear canal. We even offer custom-made earplugs that come with digital volume control and a program change for the different programs they offer.

Ask About Our Tactical Custom Earplugs

Our advanced earplugs are very lightweight and are made from acrylic and not silicone. Silicone will deteriorate inside your ear canal over time. That is why these custom earplugs are going to last you a lifetime. The reliability of our products is something we’re very proud of! We are a Canadian company, and all of our earplugs are manufactured with the finest materials, precision, and attention to detail.

We’ve got solutions for every need and every budget, and we invite you to visit us in-store or online. Protect your hearing while you have it because once it’s gone, it’s gone! You’ll never get it back. Even hearing aids and devices will never give you natural hearing back. At the Hearing Care Clinic, we care about your hearing, and that’s why emphasize patient education and selling the best hearing products on the market today.

Schedule an Appointment for an Impression

If you would like to explore our many options for custom earplugs in Victoria BC, the first thing you should do is contact the office of the Hearking Care Clinic. We create a custom mold specifically for your ear canal and specifically to resolve what ever need you have regarding sound.