Audiologist Victoria

The leading audiologists in Victoria practice at the Hearing Care Clinic. Here, we help people to diagnose their hearing loss problems and find meaningful solutions that last. We know that hearing is an integral part of communication and human existence. Without it, your social life, both outside and in-home, will take a blow. Depression, speech loss, and even cognitive decline often result from hearing loss. Thank goodness we will in a day and age where much is known about hearing difficulties, and there are many solutions for people who experience them.

It All Starts with an Initial Appointment

When a new patient comes into the Hearing Care Clinic, the first thing we do is perform an initial consultation and assessment. We may conduct one, two, or several hearing tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Once we have a clear picture of what kind of hearing loss problem you have, what caused it, and what the severity of it is, we’ll be able to provide a hearing solution customized just for you.

Can Customized Earplugs Help You?

The Hearing Care Clinic offers both preventative and restorative hearing loss solutions. For example, we offer customized earplugs. These can be worn on the job, worn in the swimming pool, worn in bed, or worn during any of the other activities you perform throughout the day, such as exercising or cleaning the house.

We can also provide tactical earplugs for law enforcement officials, gun shooters, and others who need to be able to hear but drown out background noise. Using the latest technology in our industry, we can make an earplug that fits your ear comfortably and does exactly what you need it to do.

Our Audiologists in Victoria Can Customize a Hearing Aid for You

The Hearing Care Clinic also provides custom hearing aids. We offer mainly two kinds of hearing aids for our patients. One is a mini receiver-in-the-ear variety. This hearing aid is the most popular. Its only downside is that it’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing kind of hearing aid. However, it works best. The receiver sits comfortably in the ear and the small case that houses the components that make the hearing aid work rests behind the ear.

We also offer an invisible-in-the-ear hearing aid. This kind of hearing aid is ideal for people who are self-conscious about wearing a hearing device. Nobody will be able to tell you have the invisible-in-the-ear hearing aid in because, as the name implies, they are invisible. However, most hearing aid wearers report that invisible-in-the-ear hearing aids don’t work as well as receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids. Still, they usually work well enough for most people.

Schedule an Appointment with an Experienced Victoria Audiologist Today

If you are experiencing hearing loss, time is of the essence! You need to get treated soon. Hearing loss is progressive, and it won’t stop on its own. When you meet with an experienced audiologist in Victoria at the Hearing Care Clinic, we can give you your hearing back.