Already Wearing a Hearing Aid?

Do you already use a hearing aid?

Check Ups

Do you already use a hearing aid? Is it working as well as you expect and need it to? Does it require any cleaning, maintenance or reprogramming?

Even if you didn’t purchase your hearing aid from us, we invite you to come in for a complimentary performance check and cleaning. We will even include a promotional package of batteries on your first visit!

Annual hearing evaluations are a good idea to ensure that your hearing aid is providing the best solution for your hearing loss. Our hearing evaluations are free, painless and fast. Learn more about our hearing evaluation process and book your complimentary screening test today.

Technology Improvements

Hearing aid technology is continually evolving and improving. At Hearing Care Clinic, all of our hearing specialists are forerunners in providing the latest in hearing aid technology, and we are committed to finding the best solution for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. You may be ready for a new hearing aid – book a free hearing evaluation.

We are proud to offer the latest technologies in our product line, from sleek, slim line behind the ear models to invisible styles that fit completely in the ear. We are dedicated to guiding you through the process of choosing the best hearing aid for you. Learn more.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service is a key ingredient in making sure that your hearing aid works at its best and extending its life. Come in to Hearing Care Clinic for a complimentary hearing aid check, and talk to us about our ongoing maintenance plans. Find a Location.