Tips for Hearing During the Holidays

March 24, 2016

 Turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots, and of course… desserts and good conversation: Tips for hearing better at the dinner table this Holiday season!

Holiday Seasons are a wonderful time for sitting around the dinner table with family, catching up on all the latest news. However, if you are having trouble hearing little Jimmy ask you to pass the ham, or can’t quite catch all the details of your niece, Beth’s new job, you might find the whole ordeal quite vexing.

Hearing in large groups can be difficult even for those with excellent hearing abilities; so don’t feel discouraged if you are unable to hear everything that is being said. Hearing aids can help your hearing tremendously, but here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay in the conversation this holiday!

  • Clean your hearing aids – For optimal performance, make sure you have cleaned your hearing aids. If you think your devices could use a thorough cleaning, stop by the Hearing Care Clinic office closest to you and we will give them a good tune-up, free of charge!
  • Rephrasing – If you are unable to understand something that is being said, ask the speaker to rephrase their sentence, as opposed to repeating it. Rephrasing is an excellent way to increase comprehension!
  • Ask people to look at you while they speak – Our brains are much smarter than we think! When conversing one-on-one, we often lip-read without even noticing. Asking people to look towards you when they speak will help you decipher more easily what they are saying.
  • Turn on the lights – Ask to have the lights turned up, or try to situate yourself in a well-lit area. Listening in large groups can put a strain on your ears, so we wouldn’t want you to place strain on your eyes as well! It will be less tiring to lip-read in a well-lit area.
  • Turn off the music – Background music can make hearing in large groups seemingly impossible. Hosts will not be offended if you ask them to turn off the background television or music.
  • Sit in a quieter area – If you go out for dinner, ask to be seated in a section with less background noise. Hosts are accustomed to these types of requests; so don’t be afraid to ask for this simple accommodation.
  • Take a break – Your brain is great at putting together the puzzle pieces to hear in large groups, but even with the help of hearing aids, listening to others can be exhausting. Try to take a few minutes to sit on your own, and give your brain a rest.

You may have noticed that each of these tips and tricks have one key element in common. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Be honest with your family about your hearing, and try not to over-exert yourself. But most importantly, enjoy yourself and the time you have with your family!

If you are interested in booking a hearing test, would like more tips on hearing better, or would like to have your hearing aids cleaned, feel free to contact any of the Hearing Care Clinic office locations nearest you. You are also welcome to stop by the office, if you would prefer!