Did You Know? Hearing Aids Are Proven To Decrease Cognitive Decline

March 10, 2016

For years, researchers have been trying to unveil the correlation between hearing and brain health. It has been suspected for years that the use of hearing aids could be instrumental in reducing the risk of cognitive decline. Finally, after years of researching, they have been able to find definitive and supportive proof of this claim.

Many individuals are unaware that the brain plays a crucial role in hearing. Theoretically, when the brain loses its ability to process sound, the individual loses the ability to understand sound. Researchers at the University of Bordeaux, France have determined that those who used hearing aids had no greater risk of cognitive decline than those individuals with normal hearing. However, individuals who left their hearing loss untreated had significantly lower scores on cognitive function exams.

The staff at Hearing Care Clinic, along with other hearing care professionals are extremely dedicated to promoting both hearing and cognitive health for all individuals. By actively seeking a solution for one’s level of hearing, this can allow for greater socialization and a greater overall well being for all individuals. Don’t be afraid to take control of your own future and find a hearing solution that allows you to live without missing out on your life!

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