Is It Just Earwax?

Many times a hearing loss can be caused by earwax alone. When you visit Hearing Care Clinic for a hearing screening test, one of our first steps is to look into your ears. To do this, we use a Video Otoscope to take a high quality picture of your eardrum. Our Specialist will then display the image for you and explain what they see. Right away you will find out if your hearing loss is caused by earwax. If you do have a wax build up, removal is simple. Here are a few suggestions:

Video Otoscope Check

1. Visit Your Doctor or Walk-In Clinic

The doctor or nurse will be able to flush your ears for you. This process will essentially “wash-out” your ears.

2. Do Not Use Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs can cause injury to your eardrum and can make the build up worse, by pushing the wax further into your ear.

3. Use Natural Oil

By putting a couple drops of oil in your ears daily you can help to loosen the wax. Which in turn will help the wax come out of your ears on its own. Most people find it more convenient to use the oil at night, before bed.

4. Book Another Hearing Test

Once the earwax has been removed, schedule another appointment with Hearing Care Clinic. We can take another picture of your eardrum to determine if all the wax is gone. We will even do a short hearing test to double check your hearing level.
If you think you have a hearing loss because of earwax build up, book an appointment with Hearing Care Clinic, and we will let you know right away.