Client Testimonials

I had a great experience with the Hearing Care Clinic. They really want to help you to improve your hearing and make sure the device works for you. They make sure you are satisfied with your hearing aids. I will recommend them to friends and family.
October, 2015
Having hearing aids has improved my hearing immensely. I am no longer asking people to repeat what they say. Such a huge relief. I should not have waited so long to get them!
Valerie Clunis, March 2015
After 45 years of not hearing, I am ecstatic. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Gerald Morgan, December 2014
In 2003, I underwent surgery to remove a growth in my left ear. The end result lead to total loss of hearing in that ear. It was suggested that a hearing aid for my right ear would be beneficial since the hearing in my right ear was not good because of the constant noise I endured while farming. Since 2003, I have had three aids for my right ear, none of which gave the results I had hoped for. With my ear doctor retiring, I wanted to find a service closer to home. I stopped in at Hearing Care Clinic to see if they could look after my hearing problem. I had a hearing test with the results loaded into the hearing aids they sold. I wasn't expecting the outcome I got. Much to my amazement, I could hear better than I could've ever imagined. There was no need for adjustment, I could hear better than I could with any of my previous aids. I could hear sounds that I had almost forgotten, like running water, and the sound of the birds. I would highly recommend that anyone who suffers from hearing loss, stop in at a Hearing Care Clinic and see if they can improve your hearing and quality of life. You might be as amazed as I was.
Robert Stewart, October 2014
Since I received my hearing aid last November, I have not misheard conversations. It is much more pleasant to understand what is being said!
Jane Coux, April 2014
I am very happy with my hearing aids. The television box works great too and I can hear it very clearly. I can hear my husband in the car, even with the background noise. The service at Hearing Care Clinic is excellent!
Tine Janssens, March 2014
Betty came to the Hearing Care Clinic about 8 months ago and has been treated with excellent service! Her new hearing aid has done wonders for her. We would like to thank everybody here for it. Thank you again!
Betty & Jim Gaudio, April 2014
For seven or eight years of putting up with Hearing Aids that did not meet my needs , I decided to seek service elsewhere . Approximately three weeks ago a flyer delivered by mail caught my attention. It was from Hearing Care Clinic , 3100 Brock St. N . unit 6 , Whitby , On. It listed Better hearing on the phone , Better hearing TV and Better hearing conversation with others. These were all my needs that were not being met for  the past eight years. I made an appointment and within a day or two went to the clinic where my hearing loss was thoroughly tested by Christopher Tiede. We selected over the ear type hearing aids which were available within a week. I have been using them for two weeks now and could not be happier with my new world of being able hear clearly all of the things I was missing before .
Thank you, Christopher Tiede.
 Mary Morrissey (Very happy , satisfied client)
October 2013
I live with my son and daughter-in-law and I used to watch the TV with the volume so high that they could hear it on the other side of the house. Now, when I have my hearing aids in, I can turn the volume from 56 down to 23. My decision to purchase hearing aids has not only improved my life, it has also improved my relationship with my son and daughter-in-law.
December 2012
Buying hearing aids from Hearing Care Clinic was the best decision I ever made.
April 2013